08 Feb

When the time comes to be thinking about making a change in living for yourself or a loved one we have discussed two of the most common choices that families make. We will now look at a third option that perhaps you either haven't considered, or are unfamiliar with. In addition to in-home care and large assisted living communities, many people are choosing this smaller setting.

3. Residential Assisted Living:

In many neighborhoods, providers are beginning to offer a home based option to large assisted living communities. They are referred to as residential care homes and vary in size from 3-20 residents. The primary feature and attraction is the personalized care that  is provided. Typically the ratio of care-giver to residents is no more than 3 or 4 to 1. Sometimes the population consists of men and women, but often times they will be either all women or all men, as in the case of The Maxwell House. For people that can't see themselves in a large congregate living setting this might be a preferable option.

Some of the benefits of living in a residential care home are the personalized care that they are able to receive, as well as the customized dining and entertainment choices. When the size of the community is smaller both caregivers and residents have the opportunity to really get to know one another, and this translates into increased family and resident satisfaction.

When the size of a community is smaller, the rates are generally all inclusive, and less likely to incur increases. Meals are individually prepared, and outings customized to meet each person's specific interests. Typically outings might include a major sporting event, such as the Twins or horse racing; museums, or dining experiences. 

When it comes to the care; the staff in Residential Care Homes are able to spend time with each resident and really focus on "caring" not just giving cares. Each resident has a personalized care plan and their preferences are always granted. You are not one many, but rather are one of a few, and as a result you can expect to be treated as a guest in someone's home; which in fact, you are!

If large gatherings and big crowds are more to your liking, than you might prefer the larger communities, but you owe to yourself and your loved to check out all the options.

If you are uncertain how to proceed please contact us and we will be glad to refer you to many reaources for all three types of care. As with anything the first person experience is recommended, and as you can see 

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