A cozy residence for 4 senior ladies and gentlemen:

Offering the Real Feel of home!

Located in Rosemount Minnesota

Sometimes we just can't do it on our own.....

When living on your own has become more than you can handle, but you don't want to give up your independence, consider coming to The Maxwell House. You will still have your privacy, plus shared space for those times when you don't want to be alone.

After years of working with seniors in many different settings, Kurt Maxwell, a Certified Nursing Assistant and his wife, Christine, a well respected senior advocate have opened The Maxwell House to share with you their vision of how Senior Care should be delivered.

Call today to set up your personal visit to their unique cozy, homestyle living,  featuring  private rooms for up to 5 ladies or gentlemen.

This is your invitation to see just how special senior care can be when it is tailored to each individual resident's needs.
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Being able to continue to do the things you love is important.Whether it is a sporting event, the orchestra, or going to a nice dinner and the movies; The Maxwell House has a full schedule of events designed, together with you, to provide the opportunities for you to do the things you always loved. Remember there is never an extra charge for outings or activities.

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Health & Wellness

We know that wellness is more than simply getting a clean bill of health from your doctor. That is why Maxwell House is so fortunate to be served by Twin Cities Physicians, a cutting edge service that provides geriatric primary care in our home for each resident. We are also conveniently located to hospitals, clinics and pharmacies; as well as shopping opportunities and restaurants. In addition our trained, caring staff is available 24/7 to make sure that all your needs are met.

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Peace of Mind

Living in a place where people understand is important. At The Maxwell House we accept you just the way you are and will support whatever choices you make. Life brings changes, whether you are dealing with health status concerns, cognitive issues or other life transitions we are here so you can maintain your quality of life. Although we are not a secured Memory Care community we do accommodate individuals with medium to moderate cognitive changes.

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Since we opened in 2018 we have not increased our rates. We are proud of this fact and want to respect your finances. That is why there are no hidden fees; everything is included except incontinence supplies and your own personal favorite after shave! We know that dollars and cents are important to you, and so we strive to have The Maxwell House be as affordable as possible. Our rate is fixed even in the event your needs change;

  • 13923 Dallas Court, Rosemount, MN, USA
  • Call 651-332-2159 or email